How I would have designed Fujifilm X100F differently

Oi mates, I just can’t tell you enough how excited I am about the new Fujifilm X100F. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet or before you decide to buy any other camera, interchangeable lens or not.


With its retro look, the X100 series has been among the most aesthetically pleasing digital cameras out there. It is so much of an icon that other brands rushed to jump on the retro two-tone vinyl wrap bandwagon (read: copied). That being said, there is something about the X100 that does not look right to me – some very minor and subtle details that I could have looked past but at the same time spoiled the design somehow; for example the raised grip on X100T & F that is absent in their doppelgängers i.e. Canonet, Fujica Compact Deluxe etc., and there are some other things that look odd on the X100.

Rather than listing them one-by-one, I have decided to make a rough sketch of my dream X100F.


Here are the changes from the current X100 series:

  • No raised grip
  • Fewer dials
  • Cleaner minimalist design (goodbye, vinyl faux leather wrap. You’ve shown your age. Hoi, bare metal chassis!)
  • Viewfinder window that sits flush on the top plate (does not trap dust no more!)
  • Dials that sit flush on top plate and are only accessible at the back (less likely to be knocked out of position)
  • Shutter release and power switch are now two separate buttons (less prone to being turned on accidentally)
  • Silver lens and dials on charcoal body (Leica Panda?)

I wish the Fujifilm design team blokes would happen to see my sketch and like it (or consider making a special run? :D). Let me know what you chaps think bout it. Keep shooting, keep dreaming, and that’s all from me for now.



P.S. Some readers told me this rendition looks too much like a Leica and they prefer the current X100 design. In my defence the current Fuji design looks way more Leica-ish. They are simply trying too hard to look like old Leica M cameras: Let’s not talk about the faux leather wrap. Here’s a quick analysis of X100 series’ evolution.

Doesn’t the raised bezel around the viewfinder in the original X100& X100S look somewhat like Leica M3? And whilst they have cleaned up that look in the T, compare the now trapezoidal top plate (when viewed from the front and side) side by side with a M5. And the slant edge on the F, right next to the viewfinder – guess what, that’s where the slanted rewind crank is since the M4-2. Phew.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the Fuji design is an atrocious attempt to copy any Leica, I adore their cameras  and I am buying the F (since there’s naught in the market that trumps it). All I want to say is maybe it’s time for an overhaul.



2 thoughts on “How I would have designed Fujifilm X100F differently

    1. Thanks mate. Just think there are way too many dials with high-end digital cameras these days and they happen to be all unlabelled and fully customisable, making them extremely complicated to use. In my opinion Leica’s going the right direction with the M, and more manufacturers should follow that route.


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